Activities within the ycj project

The project is aimed at using ICT practices such as Citizen Journalism for providing youth with new tools and skills for personal development, to educate the general public and disadvantaged/disable youth in communication, exchange of ideas, mutual understanding and constructive dialogue, to create an environment for debate and exchanges, and to give visibility to disadvantage/disable youth and the issues they choose to create bridges with the general public.

The target group addressed by the project are around 80 young people suffering mental illness or other disability, learning difficulties or/and behaviour disorders, and 20 youth workers experienced in working with disadvantaged groups.

This website is an online interactive platform that we hope to become an environment for youth expression and reflection on relevant themes.

YCJ team wants to enhance the participation of young people, to promote the cultural diversity and the inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities.



First of all, each partner organizes a local introductory workshop to present the YCJ project, gather feedback from young people and select the final participants who will take part in the programme. Local editors are chosen (4-5 youngsters per country) to form one national editorial team per partner organisation.

Then, 4 hand-on trainings are organised in every partner country during 4 months in order to train the participants in themes like: basic journalism, writing articles, photography and video production and marketing and networking. The aim is to provide with new media literacy tools and skills for expression and personal development.


Citizen journalism workshops are part of the implementation activities. During a six-month period, six citizen journalism workshops have been implemented in each country. During the workshops, the different groups involved in the project produced pieces of writing and videos around a number of themes, some of them chosen by the participants: Sport and leisure, music and culture, travelling, Europe today, social integration and environment. Go to the section "Here you have some of our works" to read some of the articles.

Another implementation activity are video screenings. There has been one screening per country with the presence of local authorities, institutions and people concerned by the topics addressed and one final screening at European level in Italy on 25-26th May 2012. You can see our videos HERE.Young participants attended this festival. It was our YCJ party to celebrate all the work done and all the new things learned.




This platform is used also to promote the intercultural learning among young people. The YCJ team has created three different activities: the PHOTO TOUR, the MOSAIC OF EUROPE and the EUROPEAN QUIZ. Take a look into these activities; we are sure that you will enjoy them!