Hand-on trainings

Hand-on trainings

The training undertaken by the partcipants had five strands;

The initial classes dealt with the area of journalism, covering such aspects as interview techniques, bias, article structure and length, photojournalism, and general vocabulary relating to the press.

Photo/film classes: Students took part in classes designed to broaden their knowledge of filming techniques, camera work, editing and transferring work to DVD. The DVD eventually was screened at 3 locations locally and at the final screening in Italy.

Web Design: Students took part in classes designed to familiarise themselves with the upkeep of a website covering such areas as uploading files and creating blogs.

Music Workshops: Partcipants took part in music workshops hosted by a local musician/rapper GMC covering lyric writing and using computer programmes to record and create music tracks.

Presentation: Two partcipants were selected to present the dvd in Italy and to answer any questions people may have had regarding the project. The trip itself was a very positive, empowering experience which greatly added to the esteem of those involved.