Living in the information society means to be surrounded by newspapers, internet, TV, photos, different opinions in different media, etc. To take active part at social and community level it is important to manage and understand this huge quantity of information. Young people in general and those having learning difficulties in particular need to be trained on how to analyse, evaluate and use mass media to create messages about issues impacting on their lives. YOUNG CITIZEN JOURNALISM (YCJ) emerges from this need in order to empower young people to ensure that their voices are heard.


From 1st January 2011 until 30th June 2012 the YCJ team will work to achieve the following objectives:

  • To provide disadvantaged youth and youth workers with new media literacy tools and skills for expression and personal development.
  • To educate youth with learning difficulties in communication and constructive dialogue by using ITC innovative practices such as “citizen journalism”.
  • To create an environment for debate and exchange through an online European platform and public screenings.
  • To give visibility to disadvantaged youth and issues they choose to rise.