INTRAS Foundation (Valladolid/Zamora, Spain)


Logo de Fundación INTRASINTRAS, standing for Research and Treatment in Mental Health, is a non-profit organisation aiming to improve quality of life of people with mental illness and, in particular, young people with learning difficulties and/or behavioural disorders.

We develop activities and offer different services for our target group such as educational and training programmes, psychosocial rehabilitation and professional guidance counselling. Nowadays, INTRAS is composed of 8 centres and more than 80 professionals from psychological, educational and social fields, who combine healthcare, training and research. Different facilities are managed by the Foundation, such two training centres, a psychosocial rehabilitation centre, a labour rehabilitation centre, a day care centre and supervised flats offer supporting resources to our target groups. In relation to the project proposed. Being involved in this project would offer our young people an opportunity to improve their knowledge about new technologies and would help them to be integrated into the labour market. INTRAS has solid experience both in the field of European and national projects to promote non formal education and lifelong learning in the field of youth and young adults. It has coordinated and participated as partner in a large number of projects within the frame of Youth, Youth in Action, Socrates, Lifelong Learning and Daphne programmes.

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