CJD Frechen (Frechen, Germany)   


CJD is a large, nationwide vocational institution, running around 150 centres in different locations. The main aim of the CJD Frechen is the vocational and social rehabilitation of youngsters and young adults in the backyard of the city Cologne.

In the vocational training centre more than 250 young male and female are living and working during their rehabilitation time (2 – 3 years). We offer them 25 different work fields and all can achieve a final examination in the end. 600 external students are visiting our College, most of them are learning handicapped, disadvantaged and socially excluded.

A team of social pedagogic, teachers, psychologists and vocational trainers is responsible for the process of rehabilitation, whereas the education evolves four key competences: sports, religion, art and political education, of which the project covers the last two in a perfect way.

You will find more information at www.cjd-bbw-frechen.de