Humanitarian Social Com. Europe-HUSCIE (Cork, Ireland)  


Huscie Ireland is a limited company registered in Dublin, Ireland. The company is a coordinating body providing support, advice and assistance to several youth training centres, in the Cork area, that wish to participate in European projects or exchanges.

The company has a board of management consisting of a human resource specialist, a psychologist, two training centre managers, two training centre instructors, a careers counsellor and a certified auditor. Huscie Ireland, and its predecessor, G & K Training, has been involved in European projects since 1990. For the purpose of the present project, participants will be drawn from Mayfield Youth Training Centre in Cork City. This centre is part of the external training structure of F.A.S (Foras Aiseanna Saothair), the National Training Authority in Ireland. The centre is located in an area of Cork City where there is a high level of unemployment and consequent social problems. The trainees, who are recruited from the immediate area, are mainly “early school leavers”, single parents and others who may have problems fitting into society. The age range is from 16 – 25 both male and female. The centre provides training in vocational skills, catering, construction skills, computer skills, office skills, life skills and formal and informal education and has 60 trainees.

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